About Us


Founded in early 2021 in Los Angeles, California, one of the most diversified cities- Gpoint Market is an Ecommerce Open Market platform & online retailer offering a wide variety of consumer goods and services driven by emerging trends. 


Gpoint Market specializes in partnering with brands and small businesses in efforts to bring you a fresh take in top categories that range from apparel, home, health & wellness, commercial goods, and much more while giving cash back in the form of Gpoints EVERY SINGLE TIME you shop!


Operated by women, Gpoint market has also built an incredibly diverse staff. As we continue to grow and evolve each day, it is important to have brilliant minds come together to collaborate on various ventures. Our market is a cultural phenomenon already endorsed by influencers from all around the world.


Gpoints are digital currency that can be traded for cash value. 1 Gpoint is equal to 1 USD. Every time you shop at Gpoint Market, you’ll earn Gpoints which can then be used at any of our affiliated vendors or back at Gpoint Market. Gpoints can also be transferred to any bank account for cash value via Gpoint Wallet. To learn more about Gpoints, please visit our FAQ or gpointwallet.com


We’ve launched our Gpartner Influencer Agency because we seek to make the most of our influencer partnerships and want to support you in monetizing and growing your own social channels. Gpartners earn Gpoints (1gp = $1) every time someone shops at Gpoint Market using their referral code!

Our Featured Services

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