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Get your products in front of our rapidly growing customer base while also receiving our brand development and advertising services.

How Selling Works
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For every purchase a customer makes on our market, they receive a percentage back. This percentage is controlled by you, the vendor, and allows us to invest an equal amount into marketing your store. The default reward percentage is 5% but with each subsequent tier more tools become available to you.

Our Media Kit
Tailored for You

We provide our vendors with custom-tailored media kits to boost traffic and conversions. From YouTube commercials, to product shoots, and influencer campaigns, we make sure that our sellers’ marketing funds are put to good use.

Account Management
Made Easy

Our intuitive dashboard gives you full access to your business’s metrics and enables you to upload products and manage your orders with ease.

What Are GPoints?

GPoints are our proprietary currency used for the purchase of goods within the GPoint financial ecosystem. Most notably, users in our community gain access to exclusive benefits and deals.

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For every purchase made on our marketplace, the customer receives a percentage back while an equal amount is set aside for your marketing benefits.