Mobala Derma Hair Cushion Coverup, 2 Colors



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Product Description

This hair cushion coverup makes your look younger and flattering.
This is an easy-to-clean waterproof hair concealer that instantly disguises your thinning hair and bald spot.

2 Colors : Deep Brown, Natural Black

[Ideal for]
– Those who worry about receding hairline
– Those who want to cover mild pattern baldness
– Those who experience partial hair loss from stress
– Those with a widened hair part due to thinning hair 

– Contains HP-DCC Complex 5,000ppm

– An easy-to-use hair cushion that gives coverage on thinning areas and receding hairline                                                   
– Minimizes fallout and features a waterproof formula and a patented puff in a modest size to deliver precise and natural coverage and volume to your desired area                                     
– Contains naturally derived ingredients for gentle hair and scalp treatment

– Slim Fitting Layer System + Treatment Powder 

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