Snow 2+ Plus Mela Snow Brightening Patch



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Snow 2+ Plus Mela Snow Brightening Patch Helps skin brightening and improves wrinkles




STEP 1: Clean the face – Drop 2~3 tiny amount of ampule on the micro needle
STEP 2: Remove the protective film – Attach the patch facing needle side to the face and remove in 30min.
STEP 3: Attach after care eye mask for calming – Remove patch in 10-20 min
** Tips for use:
1. Tap the patch lightly when using (Don’t push too hard)
2. Gently massage the removed area
** Composition
Intensive Microcarrier – Mela care 4ea (2 Pouch), Snow 2+ Mela Snow Ampoule 1ml
Snow 2+ Mela Snow After Care Eye Mask 4ea (2 Pouch)



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