Winter Coats & Jackets We’re Shopping For Now

It finally rained in Los Angeles and although the rainwater is great amongst our drought conditions, the rain brought cool and icy conditions. Wherever you are, stay warm and trendy with these trending winter coats & jackets this season. Luckily, shop these styles and more at Gpoint Market.


As Cosmo recommends, when selecting a coat you can’t go wrong  with a classic tailored or wool coat. The wool padding will keep you extra warm and the structure will define your silhouette. As is needed with un-tailored coats that tend to drown and box you out.

The Classic Long Fleece Coat

This fleece coat is a timeless classic and a staple in your closet this winter season. Affordable and stylish at, $42 (Sizes S-XL), and is available in black and oatmeal. It features two pockets and a simple, yet chic, single button.  Easily switch between day and night with these two colors.

The Leather Jacket with a 90s Twist

A leather jacket is a statement piece during any fashion season. Use your leather jacket to layer with chunky knit scarves or wool beanies. We’re also seeing a big 80s/90s push in fashion this year with the oversized look.

Our Oversized Leather Shirt Jacket is the perfect 80s inspired piece. Available in black leather and a very 90s leather Dark Brown. Very affordable at, $53. View Now